Well, today is the day I journey to a town 180 miles away to talk to middle school age kids and the parents. All of it is voluntary, after school, 5-7 pm. It is the first time this school has done a literacy night. It’s interesting to me that the federal reviews I do for school districts oversees the use of money supporting this event tonight. I’d sure never thought I’d see myself–my story being part of one of these events. Its almost like God is smiling about this. His Name cannot be used in context to a classroom, but these events are fine for me to come in and use His Name because it is all voluntary and ones can leave if they so choose. He is quite the Amazing God!

My anxiety comes in waves as I’ve been up this morning. It seems that everything in my devotions has been focused around taking steps into God’s Light. I’m into the last few chapters of Isaiah in my Bible reading. God is talking about the Light Jerusalem is to be and will be again. As I was journaling I was expressing to Jesus how much I want to do His bidding, but how insecure I feel in so doing. I was able to see how I use to think I’d do great things for Him to earn my worthiness. Then I came to believe I could only do small things for Him because I wasn’t very worthy. Today, Jesus showed that my thinking is always trying to be in “my control” rather than His. He is the One orchestrating what I do and where I go. He simply wants my obedience. Little by little I see these stumbling blocks more clearly and can let them go as I do. My hope and prayer for today is that whoever comes tonight will find Hope from the One who is the Miracle Worker–Jesus Christ, the One and only Son of God!

2 thoughts on “THE JOURNEY CONTINUES: OCT. 29, 2019”

  1. I am so glad you made the trip and visited the school. Seeing you and Kathy was a blessing for me and I know others were happy to meet you and learn what you had to share. Some of the words you wrote inside of the book you gifted to me were, “God is always using us for his purposes”. Thank you, Earnie, for being so open and willing to be of service to the Lord. Thank you for caring enough about the people of this school to travel and share your story.


    1. Kathy and I were both so glad to see you again and visit. I love what your school is doing. You have great people there and you are one of them. Gods blessings to each of you.


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