Yesterday was a productive one and the meeting went well. It was interesting to listen to the comments and to only give input on a limited basis when nudged. God is so GOOD! Today I go back to the district where I’ve spent the most time. There is a good deal of change in administration there which makes their continued progress much more at risk. Sustaining progress can easily be done if the new leaders are in alignment with the direction that has been set. My goal continues to be to guide as needed and lead as needed. Until the new admin start it is a time of waiting.

We all have times of waiting. Waiting for me is a playground for fear to manifest itself. I recognize it now and daily reject it. Replacing it with confidence in God is my daily task and sometimes several times a day. My TRUST in God is so much bigger than it use to be. In fact, Trust looked more like a teaspoon of hope in my earlier years. Today my trust is grounded in God Almighty Who has made Himself known in so many rich and healing ways. I thank Him repeatedly for this!

Living the life of an heir rather than an error.

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