What was so severe at the beginning of this week has now settled into steps of living. As the week was starting Kathy had suspected she was sick with COVID which turned out to be true. If it were positive I’d need to test and be negative in order to be in schools and that was also true that I was negative. My youngest daughter and her 4 kids were all feeling sick, my oldest daughter’s family was to live with us until the occupancy certificate was issued for their new home, but they couldn’t be here due to Kathy’s illness, etc. It seemed there were troubles everywhere. Four days later, all is on the mend. Kathy is quickly getting better, My youngest and kids had colds and an ear infection, my oldest is living in their home and life is moving on. I love how good God is!

Tonight is Celebrate Recovery. I’ve been leading the worship each week with the help of some musicians and another singer. Much of yesterday God was reinforcing within me the importance of worshiping Him. Often I narrowly think of worship as singing to God and to man. However, God is wanting me to help others know that worship is so much bigger than simply singing a “worship song” for Him. Yes, music does often open one’s heart and focuses our spirit to God’s Holy Spirit, but there is also our need to turn our mind and thoughts to God–Praising Him intentionally. In the midst of the storm we are to Praise God. So often, ones come on Thursday nights needing this reminder. The first of this week I needed this reminder. I didn’t panic at the moment, but I also didn’t praise God in the midst of it. God is praiseworthy no matter what we are going through. I need to better live this out in my daily life.

Living the life of an heir rather than an error.

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