This day has a good deal packed into it. I’m starting early to take a granddaughter car shopping. Actually, there is a car we are going to see if its the right one. She is the one who had the accident last June and we are finally getting the car replaced. I have counseling meetings early afternoon and then a church board meeting tonight to acquaint them with the counseling process–mostly to answer their questions. Along with this, we are finishing the packing for our 12 day trip to Turkey and Greece (Journeys of Paul). This is the 3rd time we have been signed up to go and this time it’s taking place. We leave tomorrow morning.

All of this is trying to clog my mind and emotions but I keep recalling what God has been pointing out to me in the last couple of days to Trust and Obey His Holy Spirit within me. The reality that He lives within and provides the essence of heaven–“peace that passeth all understanding”–is simply amazing if I will just quit fretting and release it. In fact, this morning while I was journaling, Christ pointed out that I could surrender the fret and let Him turn it into anticipation. It makes me smile just writing this truth here.

I love being part of the family of God. What a wonderful Father and Dad He is!

Living the life of an heir rather than an error.

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