Well, 70 years ago today the writer of this blog was brought into this world by Dr. Wolfe in his office in Homedale, Idaho. Dad and three brothers were gone fishing for the day. I’m sure dad was planning to have a fish fry in honor of my arrival! (That’s not what I was told).

I’ve lived so much of this first 70 years in the bondage of sins: dad’s, my brother’s and my own. I’ve worked hard to earn God’s favor, dad’s favor, the world’s favor only to find I had it all along. The worthiness I sought had already been given to me by the sacrifice of God’s Son–Jesus Christ. The gift was called GRACE and it is still the same gift each of us receives when we receive Jesus as our Savior and Lord.

Today I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is nothing for me to earn with or from God. The rest of my life (however much God is granting me) is going to be spent honoring Him and giving back to Him with tremendous thanks, admiration, and love. He has gifted me with a loving wife, 3 amazing kids and 12 even more amazing grandkids! How much more could a grandpa ask on his 70th birthday?!