Well, the meeting with the men from Mending the Soul took place and it was such a blessing. Only 3 of the men ended up coming, but, I leave these things to God. The ones present truly had a meaningful conversation. It quickly became obvious that God has maintained His work in the lives of the ones present. They are likewise continuing their work to heal listening and obeying God. The “work” that man needs to do looks like talking about their past to “those they trust”. That group of trusted people has grown significantly too. The one gentleman who had never opened up before the class and has a horrific childhood story, is now allowing others to use his story to help others struggling from their own past. The emotional energy which had engulfed him, paralyzed him into silence, is now turning into energy to help others. I just smile as I write this knowing how much truth there is in this from my own past and so many others.

Our God is so AMAZING!


Today, during the second worship hour at church, the 7 men who participated in the Mending the Soul class which ended last December, are gathering. We are going to talk through what God has been doing in our lives since we had met last and what stumbling blocks are we presently dealing with. I had told the guys when we finished this would be an option if anyone wanted to meet at a future time. One of the guys had contacted me wanting this to take place and today is our day.

It has been a reflective time for me just thinking about what God has done in my own life. The one which looms ahead of all others is the magnitude of God’s love and power. I have never read through the bible and a devotional and had it speak to me about God and me. I’ve always strongly believed in the power of God for others, but for me? Today, and each day, when I have my devotional time I am able to process what I’ve read without hinderance or walls of disbelief. The voice of Satan tries hard to remind me of my past, but God is doing a miraculous work removing the power of those lies. Most often when they come I am reminded of what God is doing rather than what I’d wished God had done. This has been huge for me! This morning I wrote in my journal that God is now my barometer for living. I hadn’t ever known how much I used dad and my brother for this barometer. I’m no longer bound by their lives. Praise the Lord!


During the time in-between being asked to consider giving up the consulting in order to work with lay counseling (all of which I wrote about yesterday) I went to see my prayer warrior, Lois. As I told her about this opportunity I dropped my head and cried. She said, “And, you don’t feel worthy of this, right?” My response was, “I know I’m suppose to know this, but the old voices are screaming.” It was then that she broke into prayer praising God for His Goodness and Light and then casting out the lies of Satan which originate from days gone by. Thursday was my day to talk with the two men from church. Later that day I had a card in the mail from Lois. It started, “Yes, I’m sending a special ‘hug’ from the Lord today and scriptures that identify you! These tell the way ‘I’ see you and I know this is the way God sees you!” The scriptures were from two translations of I Peter 2:9 stating: “You are God’s Chosen Treasure” and “You are God’s Special Possession”. The other was from Matthew 5:14 stating: “Your life lights up the world.”

I am so grateful for the support God provides! The lights are all green as I take steps into this new area. Just yesterday after writing the blog I was able to get much more info regarding how to structure such a work as this. I also was given the contact for a church which has this work going so I can work with them and maybe visit them as time moves forward. How good God is and how fun it is to be part of God’s Kingdom Work!


Yesterday’s meetings were not only enlightening, but they were also ones which shed Light for stepping into the days ahead. The first one started with the church meeting. About a week ago I was asked by one of the pastors if I would consider giving up my work with schools to do lay counseling for our church? This request blessed my heart, but literally took my breath away. He said this idea had originated from a conversation between himself and our church administrator. After a few days of processing I had requested to meet with the two of them which was yesterday. The meeting shed light to the larger purpose behind the request. The church would like to offer a counseling opportunity and would I be willing to invest my energy into developing this. So, I am going to a conference the end of April where this can be defined by those already doing it. I can get my own training for lay counseling but also give administrative direction for the project’s development.

How I love our God. What a privilege we have to serve Him, but more than anything, what an honor it is to have God’s Own Holy Spirit dwelling within us waiting patiently for us to listen and respond to Him. What a humble honor we have as believers.


Each day starts of late with a grateful focus on who Jesus Christ is and what He is doing. Even in the midst of storms the Light of Jesus is shining if we only remember to look to Him ahead of stepping into the storm.

Today is a day of meetings, none of which relate to the schools or districts for which I consult. The first one will be addressing what I may be doing instead of working with schools in the coming year. The second deals with a troubled teen and their schooling, the next is medical and lastly, a troubled adult who is unintentionally troubling other adults. All of these got lined up into today simply because they were brought up by different ones and as God only can do– He put the schedule together so that when each called, their best time to meet fit perfectly around the other ones. I could hardly believe how well this was done until I remembered that God is the Master of detail so why should I be amazed?

Some of these meetings have a good deal of emotional intensity tied to them. As I read my devotional this morning I read the following: “I release a power greater than any force known to man when you praise me. You can’t imagine the power that gratitude can have in your life. I will free you when you give me thanks. The more satisfied you are with me, the more satisfied you will be in all areas of your life.” This was a powerful reminder to praise God now for He not only put these meetings together, but He has already begun the work of addressing them. Boy, do I love Him for this and PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!


I’ve already written several times in this new year that my focus for it is to live 24/7 for Jesus Christ. When this first came to my mind I fought it knowing how hard I’ve tried to do this in times past. Of course, in attempting this it was always of my own strength and we know how successful living from our own strength is. I’ve also known that attempting to live 24/7 in the strength of God is like a mystery–how do I actually put this into practice? I know enough about surrender and believing from all that God has done for me that I will give this goal another try. What God has been showing me over and over is that it’s our relationship which grows me into this possibility.

In the beginning of Mark 3, Jesus heals on the Sabbath the man with a crippled right hand. Jesus says to him, “‘…Now stretch out your hand!’ as he stretched out his hand it was instantly healed!” The footnote in the Passion (Bible I’m using this year) says, “…the hand symbolizes holding, giving, receiving, doing. It was his right hand which brings the added significance of power: God’s right hand–pleasure, approval, and righteousness. A crippled right hand points to the lack of all these things. Human beings are helpless before God, crippled in all our works. But the power of Jesus heals our limitations and brokenness. Religion cannot heal us but Jesus can.”

One of the greatest healings Jesus has given me of late is the gift of believing. The relationship with Him, God and The Holy Spirit is growing so much. I’ve doubted for so long, disbelieving I could truly be of much use for God. All this time He has been patiently waiting for me to see His Healing Light which comes from believing. How I thank Him for His faithfulness to me (each one of us)!


I have written the past couple days about some changes in my life. I have not felt released to put the specifics of this into the daily entries. However, I will soon be able to do this. I awoke quite early again this morning with all of this on my mind and my emotions filled with anxiety. I began my journaling and had a good conversation with Jesus regarding all of it. Then I picked up my devotional which was entitled: “PEACE IS MY GIFT TO YOU.” The first passage began, “When anxiety fights to take hold of your heart, and chaos tries to consume you, allow me to fill you with my peace. When you have no strength to step beyond the line of stress that the enemy has drawn, bow before my presence and I will come running…I will give you peace that goes far beyond what your mind can comprehend.”

Our God is such an amazing God! His TEAM: God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit are so much more than I can comprehend. Today’s reminder is to stay surrendered and simply relax and be obedient to what I know God is doing. “…One day at a time, one moment at a time….” These few words are the wisdom for today and each day.


Well, the journey not only continues, but there seems to be doors opening which would change what I do with my “work time”. After talking and praying with my prayer warrior on Saturday and having close friends come yesterday and sharing with them, I know what I’m to pursue. I’m going to set up a meeting later this week to put action into place if this is indeed of God. I feel as though my life is starting all over again as I write this, yet, God, I know, is not interested in my age as much as He is interested in my willingness and my total surrender to Him. This I am!

How I love and praise my Father God, Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and The Holy Spirit within me. I humbly write this.


Yesterday I went to see my prayer warrior. I needed to listen to her and let God speak to me through her. This truly happened. She gave me a verse she said God had given to her earlier that day for me. It is I Peter 2:9: But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. She was emphasizing that I am a special possession of God and I am not only to believe that but to act on it. What struck me boldly was the last part saying God called me out of darkness into his wonderful Light! I have known darkness for so long and to see God’s Light so clearly today makes me simply shed tears of great JOY!

I am blessed beyond measure and am extremely grateful for all that God has done, is doing and will do as each day comes. Lets Praise God together on this Lord’s Day!


Have you ever wished something could take place knowing full well it never would? I’ve lived with this wish much of my life. Now that I’m at the age I am I have thought it couldn’t happen anyway. The last couple of days have not only brought this wish to the forefront, but in so doing, there is a plan for it to materialize. I am being asked if I would say yes to it.

God has been leading me in this journey to a point of awareness that being a new creation also means doing just what He asks of us. In my flesh I hear screaming voices saying, “Don’t you know what I’ve done and what has been done to me? Don’t you know the temptations which go through my head? Don’t you know….!” Then I hear that small but definite voice which says, “Yes, I do know. I’m the very One who has taken care of all of it. I am the very One now asking if you will take this step with me.” (I shed tears as I write this.)

God is AMAZING. That’s all I can say at this moment.