About The Journey From Error to Heir

This book tells my personal battle to overcome the effects of childhood sexual abuse from a brother ten years older than me, physical and emotional abuse from my father, and the path to finding freedom in life to use God’s gifts of character for His purposes. The reality of being a child of the King, an heir of God, is only now becoming true for me. The fact that I am not an error, a mistake, had to be overcome before the truth of who God created me to be could start taking root. Trusting a God I knew about is very different than trusting a God I have an intimate relationship with. This book can help you build this relationship with our God who loves us dearly. I personally hope that if you struggle in any way with your identity in Christ or your worth to Him, this book will be an inspiration to seek the help needed. The help is here for us. Christ’s promises are true for all of us, not some of us. Tell somebody you trust. If you don’t have this person, use my e-mail provided in the back of the book and let me be that first person for you.

You can order a book from me by:

Calling:  208.989.0576

Emailing:  earniele@msn.com

You can also order the book from Amazon.  It is available in softcover or in kindle version.

The book price is $17.00.  There won’t be any shipping costs if you order it from me.  Also, if you are local to the Caldwell, ID area, I’ll simply drop a copy by for you.



3 thoughts on “About The Journey From Error to Heir”

  1. I would love to read your book. I have addictions and demons that hinder me and have for the last 15 years that no one knows about. It is costing me my family and tearing me apart inside the more I try to hide from it. but struggling to stay afloat and take care of my family. not everyone is perfect. every one has something to hide. i’m finding that out


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Living the life of an heir rather than an error.

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