Today not only ends a year, it ends a decade and a score of years. 20 years ago today there was all this worry about the country and world’s computers being able to switch to the new millennium. We were going to a NY’s Eve party that night and we filled our bathtub with water before leaving in case we didn’t have water. I still chuckle about this since we are in the country and on a well which had nothing to do with a computer’s operation. The things man gets hyped about are sometimes quite stretched.

During this decade God has made Himself known to me in so many remarkable ways. In it I’ve learned to quit fighting and to surrender instead. I’ve learned that becoming a new creation is a gift rather than something earned. I’ve learned that the joy of serving God is largely in giving back to Him as a gift to His Kingdom. The joy of seeing others find freedom as God has given you is a reward unto itself.

This next decade will have changes in it. I’m sure that I’ll be stepping away from most consulting work. I may do some as a volunteer, but I’ll wait and see what God has in store for it. I look forward to serving God wholeheartedly for His Kingdom purposes. I also look forward to seeing my grandkids develop into young contributing adults who love God.

As I ponder all of this I do so with expectation rather than fear. This is also new for me. I’m finding a new creation does have moments of fear but they don’t own him as mine have done in my even recent past. God is so good. I want to serve Him well to the end of my days!


A quick trip to the airport at 3:45 am and the kids are in route for their home–Oklahoma City, here they come. The house is awfully quiet at the moment–of course it is still only 5:50 am. I imagine I’ll be wanting a nap about 10:00 am!

As 2019 is coming to an end it is a good time to reflect upon the journey. This past week has allowed our 12 grandkids to spend ample time with one another. It has been a time for our kids to also spend some good time together. I have had time with them and I find myself more aware of how to pray for each of them as well as for my grandkids. So many old memories are triggered as the older grandkids are in their teen years and all of the humanness that begins to unfold during these years. It is a time for prayer but also a time to seek God’s fullness. These years are the ones which impact so much the rest of our lives. I pray for God to give each of them focus and resolve during these years. May all of the awakenings of these teen years be lessons with Light rather than secrets in darkness.

God is such a Good God. This morning I’ve read Jonah. This man is such a good example of us today. God may give us direction, but we balk and balk some more if it doesn’t fit our fancy. Yet, God is patiently relentless wanting His Will to finally be done no matter how much we may fight it. If we know this about ourselves it would be a good lesson to submit to God’s leading before the whale swallows!


There are so many things you begin to notice about one another when you spend so much time together. It’s sad that what shows up are our flaws rather than our strengths. We seem to take the strengths for granted and enjoy the humanness of one another. It makes for a good laugh however as long as the other person sees it this way too.

I often use the phrase, “Time flies even when you’re not having fun!” Well, this week has been fun and the time has gone so quickly I can hardly believe it’s been a week since I picked the kids up from the airport. Tomorrow morning quite early I’ll be taking them back. Today will end the time together. What fun it has been.

Today we will worship our Lord and Savior together. I do love these times. Our God is worthy of all praise. How lucky I am! God is so GOOD!


Yesterday began similarly to Christmas morning but with a different daughter being sick. I’m hoping this pattern is now done repeating itself and all will be well from this point forward. It leaves one wondering when your turn will be???

When so many people are together for several days it seems all one hears is the noise of chaos. Yes, most of it is laughter or multi-conversations in several corners, but it is difficult to hear anything else. I don’t even notice all of these different conversations when they are happening. One may join them or try and find a different location. What I do find however, in the quiet of a morning, is just how much I miss hearing any guiding light. Are there moments missed because of this? I don’t know, but I do know that relationships build when conversation exists for it is one of the main ingredients of a healthy one. In a few days all of this comes to a screeching halt as ones go their separate way. So, I’ll take advantage of these moments while they’re here and not do any more than enjoy them and participate as much as grandpa can–until his bedtime!


Christmas morning didn’t get an entry in my blog. My journey got quickly interrupted as soon as I was out of bed. My oldest daughter had text me saying she was on the floor in the bathroom and had been throwing up. Her little daughter had been with her and also doing the same. There were messes to clean and bedding to launder. What was amazing to me was that no one knew of this chaos. Everyone including myself slept through this until I had awakened. The day for those two took a big shift. They went home and spent the day in bed. So, after a morning of disinfecting several parts of the house, we began the celebration with everyone else.

It is amazing what the conversations of a day entail. Just the ones I was part of involved the chaos of life and particularly some, and then it went all the way to the peace of God. How do we know that the voice of God is what we are hearing and responding to? It made me recall from Watchman Nee’s book, The Spiritual Man, that God’s Spirit speaks to us through our intuition. It never screams or yells, but if we are quiet in spirit we will hear and know. I believe that is one reason it is good to start our day with God, reading His Word and praying, journaling, whatever one’s habits of devotion are. It is in the early part of the day that we are best able to hear God’s Spirit speak.

We often can’t do much if anything about the chaos of life, however, we can do much about our response to it. This is what requires me to keep my spirit in touch with God’s Spirit and surrendered to His Leading.


It is Christmas Eve. I went to bed early last night, 9:30 pm. Everyone was playing games but I hadn’t had a nap and I was spent. Of course, doing that I awoke at 5:30 this morning ready for the day. Every room in the house has people sleeping in it except the kitchen. Luckily I took my devotional material to the kitchen last night along with my laptop or else I’d be stuck right now. I do love the quiet and this time with God my Father. What an amazing opportunity we have to “sup with Him” and to think He created us for this very reason!

A very ugly situation had been shared with me many months ago regarding a gentleman who is part of our restoration ministry work. His marriage has been very much at risk and he has been working to restore it. What had been shared with me was deceptive and it was told to me in confidence. When I heard it I said I wouldn’t keep it confidential if the timing came about and I felt he needed to know. Well, that happened. Yesterday I called the person who had told me in confidence to let him know this had happened. He didn’t blame me as he also knew all of this was wrong, but…. These ugly situations happen when man is covering for man and truth is not brought out in the open. I don’t know how this will manifest itself. I just know a person who is trying so hard to reconcile when the other half never intends to do is but is hold him hostage with the deception, is wrong. How God will use this truth–I do not know. However, I leave it with Him.

Today is Christmas Eve and all is quiet and well. The youngest grandchild is stirring however so I think the quiet is going to quickly come to an end! It’s a happy end however!


Our Oklahoma kids arrived last night landing in Boise at 1:30 am. We got home by 2:30 and immediately went to bed. I don’t have a lot to write today except my heart is full of gratitude to have all of our family together for this week. Joy comes in the morning and it is morning! I may be feeling rummy from the loss of sleep, but a nap can take care of that later today and some Folgers right now is just right! God is so good!


Today we will go to church and sing praises to our Lord, Savior, King and loving Friend–Jesus Christ. The designated birthday is coming on Wednesday and yes, we will celebrate with glorious praise! Jesus is so good. How could God have created such a plan as this? The Savior of the world came in such lowly states and yet, He is known throughout the world and even a threat to so many. Only the One True God could have devised such a glorious plan. So much of our thinking is carnal and earthly and rightfully so. We are definitely of this earth. But, this Lord and Savior came as a lowly babe because He is not of this earth. His lowly state is only through the eyes of carnal man. In the spiritual realm He is already known as His Rightful Position. Lets celebrate Him well today and through His birthday week!


After my confession yesterday about the absence of any praise, I called my daughter who is flying in tomorrow with her family for the Christmas holidays. We laughed over the confession. It was actually funny once it was out in the open. God sure knows what He is doing when He tells us to confess something. Our pride always stands in the way, but when we finally step through it, the outcome is remarkable.

The young man I mentioned a couple blogs ago accomplished his miracle. The attempts of Satan were overcome. I wish I could give you some details of this but I’d be breaking confidence and you nor I would want that. I simply praise God!

Yesterday’s goal for me was to get all the presents and stocking-stuffers wrapped for the boys. It is an even split of boys and girls with 6 grandsons and 6 granddaughters. Today will be the girls and I’m starting that upon finishing this morning’s blog. I do the shopping for the boys so all of that is known to me. Today I have to rely on Kathy organizing into marked spots for all the girls. It is done enough so I can get started.

Today my heart rejoices over the remarkable love we are given in and through Christ Jesus. How I love Him!