The Journey Continues: August 31: 2019

Today we celebrate my oldest daughters birthday. What a day that was not so many years ago!! Our internet is down again so I’m attempting this on my phone.

The devil prowls waiting to know the right time to attack and it seems this is the right time. I’ve had so much of late. Yesterday there were several calls regarding a situation I’ll likely handle this weekend. Seems I’m the right person for handling it. In the night when I awoke I was reminded to praise God, for Satan cannot be present in our praise. This morning I praised God again for this chance to serve Him. Also I prayed for His timing and His words.

To God be the glory.—great things He hath done!


Today’s journey is getting started a little later than usual. I arose early to realize my body was saying to go back to bed. That was a rare moment! I did and awoke two hours later. Wow, that was a surprise to me. I suppose I needed it.

As I got to my journaling this morning and wrote my question asking Jesus what He wanted me to know and believe from Him, I was taken back when I heard Him say He wasn’t done with the message of yesterday. The fact that I am a sanctuary where He and The Holy Spirit reside is needing to be better addressed. The fact that my will becomes His Will, my thoughts become His Thoughts, My words become His Words, my emotions His emotions and so much more, is startling to me. I’ve always been one to believe “we have our moments when God uses us”. However, the fact that Jesus wants me to surrender all of me to Him and that I could even be remotely like Him 24/7 is truly a wake up call. I’ve written so many times that I get into my day and forget that I have a Savior within me and a Holy Spirit within. My journey is bringing me to a point where 24/7 is the assignment.

Of late I’ve been impressed with how much God wants to be praised. My own selfishness thinks that God is doing this because He Himself is a selfish God. Yet, I’ve recently learned that Satan has to flee from God’s Presence. The reality of my praising God puts God’s Presence within my sanctuary’s outer court, holy place and most holy place. There is no entrance for Satan at that point. Once again I realize how God’s requirements for me to praise Him are for my own benefit. What I thought was somewhat selfish on His part, is actually for my own spiritual good. I know this is coming from Jesus wanting me to surrender all these parts of me so I can stay connected 24/7 to Him and The Holy Spirit. How I need to be an awfully good student to this important lesson!


This morning has been a much desired, insightful time with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I’m reading in the Psalms now during my devotional time. Psalms 22:3 says: “But You are Holy, O You Who dwell in the praises of Israel.” As you know, I use the Joyce Meyer Amplified Bible presently. She writes an insert she calls a “life point” regarding this verse. It really spoke to me. She writes, “I encourage you to take an inventory of your inner life because it is the dwelling place of God…. When we examine our inner lives, we are looking at holy ground where the Spirit of God wants to make His home. God is much more interested in our inner lives than in our outer lives, and we need to be more concerned about what goes on inside us than about our external behavior. Praise, worship, and honor God in your inner life. When your ‘insides’ are right, your ‘outsides’ will follow!”

I didn’t type her entire message in the above paragraph, but she included that our bodies are like the portable tabernacle Moses had for God’s dwelling place while the Israelites were in the desert going to their promised land. There was an outer court (our body), a holy place (our soul), and a most holy place (our spirit). As I was reading today’s scripture and read this from Joyce, I saw seemingly for the first time the truth of God’s making me a new creation when we turn our lives over to Him by accepting Christ Jesus into our lives. My struggle has always been to believe the “me” He created wasn’t clean and I never believed Him capable of removing sin’s stains from me so I could be clean. Today I know this as a lie and stand before my God as a clean vessel because of Jesus Christ and my body is a tabernacle for Christ Jesus and my most holy place (my spirit) now houses The Holy Spirit!

There is so much more I want to grow into as I learn well to surrender all of me to this Most Holy Team. How I love how God works!


Turns out the website problems are only due to our wireless provider. The problems of the day use to be things like the tractor won’t start. Today it is so often connected to electronics and their functions or lack thereof. Life has its problems.

Yesterday was spent with our family getting together as we do about once a month–at least the afternoon was. I enjoy it at the time and then when I get away and relax I realize how unsettled I often feel by the time it is over. We brothers always do the same thing–bring up each other’s weak spots or behaviors and hone in on them and laugh and laugh. Today I realize this behavior of ours, at least for me, makes me feel disconnected. We rarely talk about the important things in life. I’m not even sure why this isn’t done? If we are with our wives, we are more apt to connect to important things. We get together to stay connected as family yet we use the time so poorly regarding closeness to one another. I’ll need to process this a little more.

The lesson of trust and surrender is still on the front burner. I’m going to see if today goes better in this arena. When I’m at work or with the ministry work I find myself better able to address this. When I’m with family I don’t know how this is done? It seems unsettling to me right now. I know this is an odd entry for today, but it does reflect just how I am feeling. I’m sensing I just need to go into the day and surrender “these feelings”. Feelings are just that–feelings!

The Journey Continues: August 27, 2019

The website is giving me fits this morning. I’m doing this on my phone which is not my favorite way to write. Nonetheless here it goes.

Yesterday’s post talked about trust and rest. Well, the trust I lost about 10:00am and the rest didn’t come last night. I’m sorry to have to confess this. It’s true however. This morning I could easily see why. The details I worked on pretty much got taken care of but I forgot I was on assignment for God and not me. I don’t own these details ——God does. I worry about how they will get completed, etc. Today I said I’d work on this lesson some more. God reminded me it is bigger than a one day assignment!


It really is amazing to stop each day and take a reflective moment to see what Jesus is doing in our personal life and in the lives of those He has placed with us. I don’t know about you, but if they are placed with me I sense a responsibility to help them with any area they may struggle with so they have health and joy in life. The weekend has had much disclosure of struggles in it which I know I’m not to carry as mine, but I’m to give them to Jesus who is the REAL HEALER and give of LIGHT.

Today I’ve been up for a while giving all of these burdens to Jesus. He is teaching me to praise Him for these burdens for they are the very things He uses to help people see their personal need for Him and His Healing Touch. He also is the LIGHT for which Peace and Rest come.

Yesterday’s sermon was all about God’s Rest. As I was journaling this morning about the weekend, Jesus reminded me of yesterday’s sermon and its application to me. For several weeks now Jesus has been teaching me and showing me my personal need to TRUST HIM fully. This morning He show me that the result of Trust is Rest. When I actually Trust Him I will Rest. This is the Rest God gives us. It isn’t enough to say I trust or know my need for trusting. If I truly TRUST GOD, my result will be REST.

Today I am going to begin a conscious TRUSTING as I go through the day. Life’s journey God has given to each of us does bring us not only to HIM, but to the freedom He so wants us to experience. Much of this freedom is tied directly to the belief I (we) have in TRUSTING GOD.


It seems life’s stumbling blocks include the ones which impact this website. Yesterday’s entry was written and simply would not publish. I had finished it and when I tried to publish it, the button wouldn’t function. It was present, but wasn’t live. I could put many “human reasons” this happened but I’ll just leave it alone and write today’s entry for all seems to be functioning correctly today.

My friend did come yesterday morning and we had a tearful, truthful conversation regarding the issues at hand. I do love watching how Jesus takes all of the messes of life and turns them into moments where He brightens the Light and Hope for our healing. My friend wants healing so badly. I know this so well from my own journey, yet I also have wanted to stay in charge of how it should happen. It has only been as I’ve learned (and I’m still learning) to let Jesus be in charge of my healing. My ways often become the messes He has to turn around. This is what took place for my friend, yet I trust Christ’s faithfulness to take the actions of present (messes) and use them for His Honor and Glory.

Today we start the advertising for our restoration classes and Celebrate Recovery’s kickoff. We have needed a co-leader for one of the groups in order for it to take place. We were out with friends last night and I asked the one who had been through the class if she would consider it? Her response was, “I’m 99% certain my answer will be, Yes! But I need to pray and see if this is what God wants me to do.” I love watching how God works!

Jesus is really laying a foundation of believing for me. I’ve always looked at “believing” as something to do rather than as something firmly in place. The foundation I’ve had for believing has been made humanly in my mind. Jesus is wanting to replace it with His Spiritual Foundation. In the Spiritual realm, believing in Jesus and all that He is, is more solid than any foundation man has ever built in our human world. I never again want to limit Jesus by my finite belief. I want to believe and trust Him, then obey Him with my actions.

the journey continues: aug. 23, 2019

The issues of yesterday had nothing to do with the website. The tower that feeds our wireless was haywire for the moment. I called to report the problem and while I was on the phone another person called in so they knew it wasn’t about my home, but larger than that. Within 15 minutes it was fine again.

The weight of hurt I mentioned yesterday that was burdening me is still present. However, steps are being taken. I am learning that supporting someone hurting still needs to look like support. So often I want to step into “telling” when only God’s TEAM (Jesus and The Holy Spirit) are the Ones to tell. Yet, they don’t tell, they nudge. The main one who is hurting right now has a wife who called me early this morning. She wanted to talk through her own involvement in this. I just know God is wanting us to let Him be the Guide. He leads to healing while man often leads to deeper chasms or thicker/taller walls. Satan loves to feed man’s work and I don’t want to lead anyone into this.

God is so good! How much I want to learn about His Ways so my actions reflect Him. I do know Trusting and Believing are the first thing I need to do before entering into any situation. Ground the situation in Trusting the One Who heals and Believing He has a plan already which will lead to His Healing.


I’m not sure what’s going on this morning with the website but I’m writing this on my phone. My computer is just spinning with the site only partially opening.

I get to stay home today and I’m very glad. Today has much to do getting details done for our kickoff. We start this Sunday advertising the restoration classes and CR’s kickoff in 3 weeks.

My heart is heavy today with burdens for others. I’ve given them to God but the hurt behind the burdens is the weight. I know God is handling them so I surrender my desire to help them feel better. I trust our Father. He is always here for each of us.

Tomorrow will be a better blog day!


Today I write to you as a new creation because of the blood of Jesus Christ and His Gift to me for accepting Him into my heart and His giving me The Holy Spirit to guide my every step. Yesterday I completed the journal I’d been using. So, this morning I went back and reread the first several entries from last mid-January when I’d begun using it. At the time I knew I was a new creation but I was not knowing this in my heart for it had not been transformed yet to me. I well remember when I did the lesson in Mending the Soul regarding the topic of neglect as one type of abuse. This had been the role of my mom and I finally faced it and forgave mom for being human and not “the super hero” I kept wanting her to become. Today I recognize Jesus Christ as this Super Hero. What a blessed awakening.

In the past 7 months God has opened my eyes to Him and His Son Jesus and to The Holy Spirit. I truly am a new creation! Also this morning, I recognize that when we become a new creation we enter into the start of eternity. We have God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit with us just as we will in heaven, but we recognize so little of it at this point. When our time comes we will finally be free of sin’s bondage in our life. However, now I begin to understand that the freedom of this bondage has already begun for me in finally believing I am a new creation!

The struggles of the past few days are still real. But headway is being made thanks be to God. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful this man is to be blogging today free of my past. I will use it the rest of my earthly days but I will not be pulling it along with me as I do use it. It now is a tool for me to use rather than a weighted chain which I drag and try to hide. Praise be to God!