This journey is turning into a marathon! Today I turn 71 years old! We leave in a little bit to drive to western Washington for a wedding. This young lady has grown up living next to us for the past 23 years. It will be a wonderful time tomorrow experiencing this union. They have needed to delay it twice due to the pandemic but now–it is going to happen!

When I was young I couldn’t have birthdays fast enough. I needed them to come quickly so I could get away from the burdens of home. Today, I simply appreciate living. Yes, there are struggles in life with some being personal and many helping others deal with their own. Yet, I feel blessed beyond measure knowing my ANCHOR is a SAVIOR, LORD and FRIEND. This He is for everyone of us if we will only choose to accept Him as such. How fortunate we are to live life with a promise we can grasp and where we find complete assurance. GOD is so WONDERFUL!