HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am happy the year is new. The happiness wants to fade if I reflect for a minute what is coming into 2022 from 2021. However, my scripture reading this morning puts perspective to it. In I John 3, John talks about the world not receiving us believers because they simply don’t know and believe what we do believe. Thus, they deny us as credible and even/often condemn us for our beliefs. Well, my goodness, 2000 years ago this was already happening and it is still happening today. So, I am not going to let all of this destroy my hope and beliefs. Instead, I will continue to live for Jesus and to walk in the Light His Spirit sheds for each and every day.

In my post yesterday I wrote about living with The Spirit’s leading. This morning as I journaled I felt led by Christ’s voice to take a look at yesterday. In so doing I could easily see that as they day went on I shifted from Spirit-leading to self-leading. I’ve often thought that this shift happened without my ability to do anything about it. Yet, as I look at yesterday I can be much more aware of this. It simply means staying connected to God’s Spirit within. I feel like a babe at this, but I want this to grow within me. I take the quote from the Serenity Prayer and repeat it today for it speaks how I create this new way of living each day–“Take one day at a time, one moment at a time, and then, accept any hardship as a pathway to peace.”