Today is my birthday. The celebration seemed to start earlier than usual with one of my two California sisters calling me at 2:30 in the morning to wish me happy birthday. She said she wanted to be first! Well, she was! I asked if it would be ok to call her back in a few hours and she said I was a big baby. I guess this must be how old siblings treat one another!

Today marks the mid-year point of consciously working to live the life of a new creation. There has to be a better way to express this, but somehow I mean believing throughout each day that I am a new creation. When ugly temptations have come in my past they would always be met by my thinking that they prove I’m still my old self. I’m learning now that being a new creation doesn’t replace the consequences of living in the flesh. Instead, it is knowing I don’t have to succumb to the flesh. I can surrender these fleshly temptations in Jesus’s Powerful Name and let Him deal with them. All of this isn’t something I haven’t known, I simply never believed it would “work” for me. My belief system needed to be transformed and that is what Jesus has done in these past 6 months–transformed my belief system.

Here I am, 72 years old today and now learning to live by FAITH!