The summer days are passing one day at a time. I love the produce of summer and all that it provides. The rest the land receives in winter shows forth its profit in summer. Yesterday I picked the first of the sweet corn. There is nothing like a meal of garden produce: corn, green beans, tomatoes, and summer squash–along with a BBQed pork chop!

Today God is shedding His Light on a topic He began a few days ago. This topic of bringing His Light into the darkness of “hurts, hang-ups and habits” is critically important. However, today’s devotional message is solidly hitting the truth that if this Light is not carried in Christ’s Love it is not Christ’s message, it becomes man’s message for man.

There is a situation at hand which involves a married couple. They are struggling a good deal presently and he has reached out to me. There are a couple of folks beginning to work with his wife. It is easy for man to look at the situation at hand and see all kinds of faults and put judgment into the picture. God was vividly pointing out this morning that no one will be carrying His Light if it is not done in His Love. Our words of counsel/guidance shared in Loving Wisdom has much to do with the approach taken and the tone of voice in which it is delivered.

I love how God works. He continuously is preparing us to see from HIs vantage point–not mine, not ours.