The Journey Continues: May 23, 2016

This journey I (we) are on is often times a mystery except for the black and white of what is to be done within the day.  I have been often gripped with fear when I try to think ahead and then that fear paralyzes what I do with the clarity of the day.  I know this is wrong and as I stated yesterday in the blog entry, I don’t want to repeat that practice anymore.  As I was reading the Bible during my devotional time this morning I was struck by Joshua’s leadership and God’s leadership to Joshua.  God promised to be with Joshua just as He had been with Moses.  Now that the reality had hit where Joshua is not being told of something that will happen, but he is leading what is happening (talking about the destruction of Jericho), the head of God’s army appears to him.  God’s angel army was already working and all Joshua had to do was be obedient in leading the children of Israel in doing their part.  How often I forget that God’s part is abundant and clear in our spiritual world.  In our human world, this spiritual part is confusing and mysterious.  However, in the spiritual world, clarity is not missing.  We just can’t see it and know it with human senses only.  In our human world Christ tells us to practice trust and faith.  These are human terms connecting us to the spiritual world.  Clarity comes as the day arrives.

When we accepted Christ in our heart as Savior and turned the leadership of our lives over to Him so He can be Lord, He gave us the Holy Spirit.  He calls us a new creation in this process.  The awakening and growing in this new creation is much about growing in our awareness of this spiritual world.  The Power of Heaven is already at work continuously.  God asks us to join Him in this Kingdom work.  I want to be far more attentive to this aspect as my journey continues.

PS    I also get to mow the lawn today so I do appreciate a few of these tangible, human elements of life.  I also feel that way about my Folgers in the morning.

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