The Journey Continues: June 27, 2016

I sit down at my computer this morning and wonder if I even want to reminisce a moment about yesterday?  It was one odd day.  It started with our quartet singing for the first service at our church.  We were doing three numbers there.  Afterwards, we were packing up to go to McCall, ID to sing for a weekend festival event.  We were slated to sing for 45-60 minutes @ 4:00 pm.  We left here @ 11:30 am.  As we got to Horseshoe Bend we stopped to get a sandwich and head on up.  We probably got 4 miles north when the traffic came to a complete stop.  We were finally told there was an awful accident and it would be no less than a 2 hour delay.  We decided to reroute through Emmett and hit Hwy 95.  It would delay us, but it would work out.  We called ahead and they said they would rearrange the groups singing.  There’s more to the story but when we finally arrived at the place at 5:45 pm there was no one there except the sponsors of the event–5 people.  So, we sang a couple songs acappella for them and I headed back bringing our lead singer with me.  We both needed to get back last night.  It was a pretty drive and I did listen to some mighty good music and to some powerful messages I had with me in my car.  For now, I’ll call it good.  In the back of my mind I do wonder if there is a message I’m not getting??

Today Kathy and I head to S. California visiting my two sisters, Bonnie and Alice and their families.  I always look forward to this trip we take annually.  In spite of all the traffic one contends with in Calif., I do love the state.  I mostly love these two sisters.  I mention both of them in my book because both of them are instrumental in my life and have always been.  I get to celebrate my 66th birthday while with them too!  Because they don’t have cell service where they live and only one of them has internet access at their home I may be limited on my daily entries for the blog.  So, if there are some vacant days in the next 9 days this will be the reason.  Just know I’m having fun with two of my favorite people!  I like to think every journey has an oasis now and then.  This is one in my journey.

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