The Journey Continues: July 29, 2016

This is truly a journey I’m (we) are on.  Everyone’s journey will eventually end with the same result–death.  However, these days of living are ones where Christ wants us free in Him so when that day of ending comes, He can tell us, “Good work, my faithful friend.”

Yesterday was another day of experiencing God’s work.  It started with a meeting for the Aslan ministry–the academy being started for girls who have been rescued from trafficking.  Three of us met with a potential provider of land.  It was a very enlightening meeting.  If we were to work with him and his non-profit group, our land would be donated and labor would be done in part by the interns in their program.

In the early afternoon a good friend and accountability in Celebrate Recovery came over with his daughter so she could swim.  He and I met so I could go over some inventory items I wanted to address with him.  Now that my personal recovery is where it is I am recognizing “my part” and I needed to address it out loud with my accountability.  It took years for me to fully awaken to the fact that the abuse of my past wasn’t my fault–now it is time for me to recognize what my part is in my present living.  Examples are the character defects I carry such as the ones I wrote about in the last couple days. I don’t want to blame them on abuse.  If I’m to overcome these behaviors I need to own them and then surrender them to the One True God who is my healer.

Last night Kathy and I hosted a meeting for a new ministry our church is starting in the fall.  It is for men and women who are struggling with sexual addiction/patterns of behavior.  The statistics regarding this need are staggering but because of the topic it is often left unaddressed by most churches.  Sadly, there are many pastors struggling with this struggle just like their congregation is.  I myself have my own struggle as residue from my personal past abuse so I’m so eager to have this finally starting.  Celebrate Recovery identifies this as one of the addictive behaviors this ministry addresses, but the need is so great and the denial is equally as great, the struggle needs its own attention.  This ministry along with Celebrate Recovery can support one another and that is what our meeting was about.  We don’t want these competing with each other.

All these ministries are wonderful–but none are worth anything if they aren’t bathed in prayer.  Man cannot face the demons within these addictions.  Man loses each time he tries.  However, Christ has already won this battle and so we start this ministry with the VICTORY of Christ’s work for each of us on the cross of Calvary.  To the one struggling, all they know is that now I’m exposed.  However, in coming forth with this step, one then begins to find the Victory of the Cross.  Amen and Amen

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