The Journey Continues: July 31, 2016

This morning started with an unusual sense of peace for me.  As I sat down to begin my devotions all I could do is say thanks to God for this unusual sense  I could only describe as coming from Him.  Yesterday, Kathy and I had lunch with friends from neighboring Emmett, ID.  As we visited I was telling him (who is a pastor) about my current struggles.  He was reminding me of what I had put in yesterday’s blog–to be aware of the evil attacks and how devious Satan and his angels/demons can be–even to the degree of seemingly light carriers.   As I was taking a moment to reflect in this sense of peace this morning I thought I should read the prayers in the spiritual warfare pamphlet I have.  The specific ones were for:  spiritual victory and wearing the Armor of God.  Each prayer began by speaking to God–Heavenly Father.  I hadn’t noticed this detail until this morning as I’ve read/prayed them before today.  This morning, however, there seemed to be a reason I noticed them beginning with “Heavenly Father”.

As I finished my devotional reading and scripture reading and began to journal I thought I would go ahead and journal to Father God rather than Jesus Christ.  It was when I wrote this that I began to receive some real clarity.  In John 17:6-26 is found the prayer Christ prays for His disciples.  In the prayer He says starting with verse 15, “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.”  I realized it is our Heavenly Father who is the ultimate protector.  He is the One and Only True God.  Yes, indeed, He gave us Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit but He didn’t give them to us to replace Himself.  He did this so They could lead us to Him.  Maybe this is only a lot of words to you, but for me, it is hugely significant.  With my years of abuse I had come to the conclusion I wasn’t important to God, at least not as much so as other men.  I had learned to live with this and resorted to earning my way to significance.  I’ve written this in my book and written about it numerous times in this blog.  So, this morning, journaling to God my Father was a step of faith.  In my journaling I heard God say to my spirit that now I am finally home in clarity.  He has always loved me and He wants to be my protector and my God.  Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit point the way to Him.  Yes, they are part of the Triune God, but their purposes are to lead us (me) to God.

This peace I felt this morning I now know wasn’t just a freak moment in time.  God was very present in Spirit and wanted to give me clarity to what He has always offered me–protection.  Tonight I give my story to a number of teens in a detention center.  I’m told they have all been abused in their past and have chosen to step into illegal practices as a result.  I want them to hear from one who also knows abuse that there is another path that can be taken–the path of God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son–Praise the Lord!


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