The Journey Continues: Sept. 23, 2016

God is working to awaken in me His Spiritual Strength which I’m surrounded with throughout each day.  In our egotistical self we somehow think we manage and create what is around us.  Little do I (we) comprehend the immense strength and power that can at any point annihilate all of this.  Let me put some substance to what I’m writing about in this.

Yesterday I started with what a collision looks like in this Spiritual world we live in.  Somehow the collision I was thinking would happen in the Tuesday and Wednesday events would be noticeable.  Well, they were hugely noticeable within me but no one knew anything about them unless I said something.  We notice things from the outside and in what we see humanly.  Inside me I was getting so anxious that I was consumed and only wanting the events to be done.  God was faithfully assuring me to stay surrendered to Him and let Him work.  I also needed to stay “present” in the events.  I was not to go into that protective mode where I was physically present but mentally someplace else.  This mode was what I called my cave in times past.  OK.  That’s my collision reality.  I can’t begin to tell you how many people have commented to me, text me and thanked me for the music our quartet brought Wednesday night.  What was a collision for me was once again a tool of God’s Spirit working.  He wanted me to know this and that the ministry of music I used to use to hide behind is now able to be used with my recovery message right in my recovery meetings.

This morning God was prompting me to take a look at the darkness of night dissipating with the morning dawn.  It doesn’t happen quickly, but it does happen.  All of a sudden it is fully light.  God was pointing out that His Spiritual Light is not different in how it works  within us.  When our human darkness is being penetrated with God’s Spiritual Light there is spiritual friction that we intensely feel within. This was the collision I was sensing earlier this week.  What wins?  Every time God’s Light wins if we stay with Him in this.  The promise of this is just what He was showing me with the morning dawn.  There has never been a day where His sun’s (Son’s) Light didn’t shine.  In our world there is a 24 hour pattern to this which is very predictable.  However, our spiritual light is just as predictable if we remember the God who created both.

Last night I went to another Celebrate Recovery that meets on Thursday nights.  It was their kickoff and I wanted to support them.  One of their men came up to me.  He had been to our kickoff on Wed.  He thanked me for our quartet’s music.  He said the songs we sang were just for him.  He had come to support us but he left feeling supported by God.  This is just one example of God’s Light penetrating man’s darkness.  Our God is truly Amazing and Almighty.

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