The Journey Continues: Sept. 27, 2016

God is bringing clarity for me about my human and my spiritual natures. My human nature is so instinctive that I automatically think it is the driving one and the right one.  Let me explain–Yesterday I had a day of addressing several “issues” which needed man addressing man about problems that had been created.  In each case man took charge of areas which needed attention, but in so doing, he chose to do it his way rather than checking to see if his way fit with the others involved.   Why so many had come to head all at once was a mystery.  However, for me, it was a wake up of surrender.  I had prayed about the situations and knew I must face them with the others involved.  Just as one would predict when standing on the sideline and watching God do His work when asked, each problem was resolved without incident.  No one wanted to be a “hog of leadership”.  Each one was wanting to do what he thought was best.  All I did was point out the issue and asked to bring the others connected into the decision making ahead of taking action.  The spirit of human nature is a selfish nature instinctively.  However, when we surrender our will to the Will of our Father, our spirit becomes empowered to complete God’s purposes.

So, this morning I was journaling about a person who is struggling with some physical battles.  God promised him several months ago He would bring healing to him.  In the meantime he has taken many human steps to find the answers to the physical pain wondering all the time if these steps were ones God was wanting him to take.  Now he is questioning his steps–were they steps of faith or steps of humanness?  He has found no release and instead, more pain.  I was asking God to make His ways clear to this man.  All of a sudden I was challenged to ask God what He was wanting me to do in response to this man instead of asking God to respond to him.  God reminded me He was already responding to him.  This man needs his support team to be responding to Him in ways that minister to this man with spiritual guidance.  I sure don’t want to be a friend like Job’s friends were to him.

God is truly amazing.  I know that when I accepted Christ into my heart, He gave me His Holy Spirit to lead me.  I want to become a great responder to The Holy Spirit’s leading in my life.  God doesn’t need me telling him what I’d like for Him to do as much as He wants me listening to His Gift–The Holy Spirit and doing what He leads me to do.  Lets pray for one another to be great listeners to our Holy Spirit within.

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