The Journey Continues: Nov. 30, 2016

This journey of today has me squared away in the middle of the week I dreaded only a few days ago.  God was very clear when He told me to persevere so I could see what surrender and trust looked like.  Now that I’m into the week and into the deeper part of the work of the week I can see just how faithful God is.  All the anxiety I was sensing last week is gone.  Of course I have my moments when I have to find a hotel where I’m staying, a district office where I’m to meet, etc.  But as I take each of them one at a time and use the tools I know to use (mapquest & google maps) I find each place well ahead of schedule.

I am out of town for a couple days so may be a little sporadic about the daily entries until I get home on Friday.  The musical this weekend still has me on edge if I dwell on it too much but God is faithful in reminding me it is His work and not mine.  I don’t have to earn anything but to be obedient and trust.  That’s what I want to end this week and weekend being able to say–I was obedient and trusted God instead of worrying and being anxious.

Yesterday one of the guys I check in with daily said he was anxious about several items.  I asked him to check in with God and see what He has to say about it.  His reply was, “Wow, I think I just got a reminder to live in my new creation.  I had forgotten this piece for a moment.”  This comment is one I find myself using every so often.  However, the more I do it the more I find that it isn’t just some cute saying, God truly means it when He tells us to live in the new creation Jesus Christ gave us.  It is transforming when we actually give God’s work a chance in our own personal life.  Thank you Father God!

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