The Journey Continues: Jan. 25, 2017

I know I said yesterday that this title needs to adjust to the journey begins.  I still feel this way today.  It is as though the journey continues all right, but now I’ve finally found the true path to righteousness in the journey.  The path has always been there and I’ve somewhat been on it.  What is so different is the person on the path.  I have not been awake to this new creation God has given me.  Now that I’m actually awake to being this new creation I see a path I’ve never known.  This path is one of assurance.

So much of scripture is about spiritual living but I’ve always tried to translate it into a flesh meaning.  No wonder the Word of God has been such a mystery for man.  Jesus talked often in parables.  Just the statement that man must be born again is a perfect example.  We say, “How can a fully grown man be born again?”  It is so simple when I see this birth with my spiritual eyes open.  Please don’t think I’ve not understood being born again.  I just am using it as a simple example.  What I haven’t known and understood is living in the life that is born from this second birth.  God is helping me see this new creation not as a hope but as a reality.

I am going to be here the rest of my earthly life.  I want to be awake and a good learner in this new creation.  What freedom is mine and how wonderful to not feel the shackles of man’s bondage and shame.  To God be the Glory!

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