The Journey Continues: Feb. 20, 2017

Even though I’m on this journey, God has put a temporary halt to any forward motion until I get this new creation He’s given me operational.  Yesterday I posted several new findings about being a new creation which were found in Hebrews 4.  Today in Hebrews 5&6 God is talking about righteousness.  It is my word of the day.  As soon as I read it this morning I heard that voice within saying: “This is a spiritual noun”.  I knew it was one of those words that has substance in God’s Kingdom–His Spiritual Kingdom.  I’ve been told in my younger years, “you just think you are so righteous.”  It was an insult.  Whoever said it to me thought I was trying to be better than they.  That sure wasn’t true.  It was more about not wanting to drink booze or something along that line.

Today God is making it clear that righteousness is His Gift of giving us The Holy Spirit and His Son Jesus.  When we accept Christ as our Savior we get the benefit of His work on the cross–our sins are forgiven once and for all.  When we awaken to our need of having Christ be our Lord as well as Savior, righteousness takes on a role of significance within.  I’ve known this a long time, but this morning God has been wanting me to awaken to the fact it is true for me and I am to now live it, walk it and be it.  I’m not doing it from my effort.  My spirit is no longer my selfish one, it is The Holy Spirit who is already Righteous.  The added part that Hebrews 6:11 states is to be diligent about it.

When it comes to diligence in human terms, I am quite diligent.  When I’ve made a commit to do, I will do it.  However, in the spiritual realm, diligence has had a very different picture.  I’ve been committed to daily devotions for over 40 years and journaling for over 20 years.  This has been because of my human diligence.  But, to be diligent about righteousness?  I couldn’t do that.  I was so tarnished and as soon as Satan would throw it in my face, I’d fade into the lie that I wasn’t righteous.  Today, however, God is taking care of that once and for all.  He said, “Yesterday you walked out of this den a new creation.  Today you are going to stand, walk and be a new creation who is righteous.  You will be because the blessed Holy Spirit–my Gift–is within you.”  You can weep with joy with me in this too!  It makes my cry again typing it here.

I don’t have much grounding in this “noun of the Spirit Kingdom–righteousness” but I know I will because God doesn’t start a work and leave it undone.  He is the Father of persistence.  I’m looking forward to growing in this for the rest of my life.

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