The Journey Continues: Feb. 22, 2017

Today I find myself moving into the journey again.  The past few days I’ve felt as though God was needing to prepare me for living daily as a new creation.  Today I’m taking steps into it.  What started this for today was the fact I have several things to get done today–work related and then emotionally I’m prepping for what could be a controversial meeting tomorrow night.  My old self would harbor anxiety and fear all day today about tomorrow night’s meeting.  I’d surrender it numerous times and be the beggar rather than the believer (message of last Sunday).  This morning God is challenging me to live in today and do the work of today as a new creation.  Tomorrow I will be this new creation in the tasks of tomorrow.  I write this sensing a freedom I’ve not known.  I do thank God for this.

Scripture says God sees Christ in us when He looks at us.  This is when we have accepted Christ as our Savior.  This morning I asked God how I am to see Christ in me when I face issues like tomorrow’s?  God assured me that my assignment is to live today before I seek out tomorrow.  Part of living a new creation’s life is to trust tomorrow’s work.  God is working on tomorrow, today, but my work is only for today.  All I can do for tomorrow is worry which is a sin.  I don’t want to go there.  I do thank God for the clarity He’s given.  I’m going to walk out of this den this morning the new creation I am and complete what is on today’s plate and let tomorrow take care of itself. I’ll do my part in tomorrow as it arrives. To God be the Glory!

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