The Journey Continues: March 19, 2017

This is probably going to sound odd and maybe weird but stay with me.  Yesterday morning when I journaled I asked the same question I always do, “What do you want me to know from You for today?”  God seemed to be telling me to pay attention to the day for there would be some significant things happen that I needed to keep close to my heart and not respond or react to until I heard from Him.

I spent much of the day cleaning up my yard where I had been replacing the railroad ties with landscaping blocks.  The blocks are done so I was hauling the rotted ties to the dump.  Later in the afternoon Kathy and I went to see the movie, The Shack.  I don’t know how many of you have seen it or read the book but it had a huge impact on me.  I’ve heard the author of The Shack speak and tell his story.  He too had a very abusive dad and the book is an allegory of the childhood boy portrayed as his daughter in the book and movie and how God was with him when he didn’t know.

The movie is very well done.  It gave me some new insights I needed to process.  Even though I’ve forgiven my dad and heard his voice tell me he was sorry, this took place in the nursing home where he was bed fast.  I appreciated it and processed it from that point.  In the movie there is a scene where the author and his father meet and embrace.  His dad tells him how sorry he is and how he appreciates him being a dad like he wanted to be but couldn’t.  Getting to see this on screen was rich in experience for me.  It allowed me to envision my own dad and me doing the same with dad having a healthy body.  Even though I couldn’t see my brother Rich, I could easily transfer our forgiveness more completely.

What touched me too was the beauty of his daughter’s life following its burial.  The tears he had shed brought forth a glorious garden of flowers and colors.  God had turned the ugliness of her tragedy into a glorious  beauty which will be forever appreciated. I would love that my tears have produced beauty as such.

There is so much more I could add to this but now I understand why God told me to pay attention to yesterday and keep what I experience close to my heart.  That is exactly what I am doing.  I just know presently that it had a tremendous healing in it.

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