The Journey Continues: March 24, 2017

I didn’t post yesterday.  I was feeling rotten with a bad cold coming on.  My quartet is singing twice tomorrow and I could hardly talk let alone sing.  I took off and went to a quick care I’ve gone to a few times in cases like this.  The doc didn’t want to give me anything because I had no fever-just the other symptoms.  He finally gave me the prescription saying he didn’t want me to fill it for at least two weeks.  I was glad he just did it. I did fill it and started it yesterday late morning.  My voice is much better today so hopefully I can at least sing and come home.  The morning event is a funeral for a family I know.  I hate complicating something like that.  I know God is faithful so I’m leaving it there.

The last couple days have been quiet ones.  I told God this morning that I feel He is giving me a break.  I have a bunch of reading to do for the sexual addiction class I’m taking–7 Pillars.  I’ll use the time for this.  It is also pointing out a character defect I’ve had all my life. If I weren’t actively busy then I wasn’t worthwhile, I thought.  My new creation knows that isn’t true but my old thinking has to be replaced at times like these.  God reminds me He is the one determining my worthiness.  He took care of that giving me Jesus Christ to live within me.  It is a nice reminder to live in the new creation and relinquish these old ways of thinking and living.

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