The Journey Continues: March 27:2017

Yesterday I was feeling like I would be well after all.  I had several things to get done early in the morning and then to church to be part of worship team.  Thus, I didn’t get the blog written.  Kathy had gone to McCall over the weekend with some of our grandkids and our youngest daughter.  She is staying until tomorrow with one granddaughter and friend while our daughter came back with the two youngest boys.  I’ll take the boys today and tomorrow as they are on spring break this week.  We will have good ole boy time!

Yesterday’s step study lesson with the new curriculum for Celebrate Recovery was on Habits.  I have finally learned that most of my past was dealing with hurts and the hang-ups (character defects).  It was good however to see the habits I’ve formed that are both good and wrong.  Most of the wrong ones I’m facing but something came out in doing the lesson I know I need to face.  God actually had me write a list of relationships I have with people close to me.  He asked me to identify if my actions with them were those of a new creation or of the old me.  It was sad but simple to do this.  It was sad because I immediately knew there are a couple of these relationships where I do deal with them almost always as my old self.  The conflict has run deep.  Today God is asking me to step into them as a new creation.  I’m not sure what that will mean but I do know I will do this.  I’m asking God to help me see what He sees and respond as He would.  I sure don’t want a close relationship being hampered with me being my old self.  It will never be pleasing to God until I go into it as the new person He created me to be.  What was a God-thing about this was that making the list wasn’t even part of the lesson.  God had me doing that a day before I’d done the lesson.  The lesson brought out the habit I’d created about responding to these relationships.  God is truly Amazing!

There will probably be more to report on this, but for now, this is the first step.


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