The Journey Continues: March 29, 2017

If you read yesterday’s post, you will know that I had the conversation with my grandsons about pruning.  Well, the 7 year old didn’t bring his ipad with him yesterday.  He spent the entire day with me outside and we had a tremendous time.  I’m always amazed at the minds of little ones and how simple life’s decisions are for them.  How much we adults could learn by this.

The lesson last night with our 7-Pillars class for men with sexual addiction had us putting down facts which led us into an addiction.  We were then to tell specifically what the addiction was.  I have spent all these years overcoming the hurt of my past and coming out of the denial for the amount of it.  It is another thing I’m finding to come out of my denial in the addictive side of this.  It is painful to admit, but it is always freeing just as God promises.  I got home last night feeling raw but free.  During the night I kept having repeated dreams of my bother trying to abuse me.  He was being assisted by two people who were important to me during the times of my abuse and hurt, yet in this dream they were assisting his desire to abuse me.  I would wake up and question this but go back to sleep and it would happen again.  As I got up I knew I needed to take this to God and ask for clarity.  I’m always amazed by God’s help.  He told me the mind is a powerful tool.  Satan likes to manipulate it for which he can do with dreams.  He didn’t want the freedom I’m finding to be genuine so he was trying to confuse it by inserting two powerful people God gave me to help during the times when I was so vulnerable.  I didn’t need to believe what this dream was telling.  I could let it go as an attempt by Satan.  It was very freeing to do so.

God’s grace is abundant.  How much I am learning about it.  God Himself loves us intimately and He wants to free us of all our past bondage.  He then wants to give us a purpose for living each and every day without the bondage.   I want to stay right here with Him in this.

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