The Journey Continues: March 31, 2017

The assignment I said I needed to do yesterday was done and it was simple and easy.  I started to write that I don’t know why it was being faced with fear, but I know exactly why.  These situations in life, though not too often faced anymore, are always emotionally seen by me as a threat.  My reactions are as though I’m needed to challenge my dad with his actions and then face the consequences of that.  God showed me again yesterday that this situation was not with dad and it was so easily accomplished.

I love spring.  I think I’ve told this many times.  Today my little grandsons are with me again.  I have some plants to get in the ground which I know they will love to help with.  It is fun to do these things with them.  The one approaches these times like a science lesson and the other ones see them as an adventure of life.  Either way, it is a joy to experience life with them.

Yesterday I happened to see the name of someone on social media that I hadn’t been in contact with for well over 10 years.  We had gotten acquainted while Kathy and I lived our year in Turkmenistan.  We had begun to meet weekly while we were there for spiritual accountability.  He was a single guy wanting companionship and I was wanting accountability.  God used us to give help to each other and the friendship developed.  I’m sending him a book today.  It will be fun to connect to him afterwards.  He hasn’t been in touch since all of these current years have brought about significant changes for me.  God is so rich in His love and kindness.  I look forward to seeing Him work.

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