The Journey Continues: June 30, 2017

In my devotional this morning which I’m using, it asked if I know the meaning of heir?  Of course I immediately in my mind went to my book’s title:  The Journey from Heir to Error.  It went on to say that heir gives us access through the work of Jesus Christ to all that Christ has access to with His Father.  We have this access because we chose Christ to be our Lord and Savior.  My greatest component in being an heir has been my freedom from my past.  Living in the freedom, that my past is a tool used by God, is amazing.  However, I’m also learning that to maintain freedom “one day at a time and one moment at a time” is its own assignment.  In the times like the first part of this week, when I had lost sight of my freedom,  I needed to BELIEVE something that for the moment I couldn’t grab a hold of.  I’ve said before that words like believe, trust, faith are spiritual substance words.  They are tangible in the spiritual realm, not this earthly-human realm.  I see this so much more clearly now that I’m back on track.  I am an heir to God’s freedom.  He wants me to fight for this freedom for others who don’t know about it.  This is what happened yesterday in our meeting.  I found myself fighting.

In our board meeting for the sex trafficked girls, I was hearing from others that there is “sin in our camp”.  The reason we are not able to move forward with our plan is that someone is sinning, one member informed us.  This set me back on my haunches and I’m leading the meeting.  We were able to address some troubling actions but we didn’t make any resolve.  The conflict is still very present.  In journaling this morning with God about it He is reminding me of what my Experiencing God is teaching me.  We board members are facing a crisis of belief.  In the crisis God is working and I need to let Him do His kingdom work.  The work this board is attempting to do is Kingdom Work but if man keeps staying in control God can’t and won’t.  So, I’m acting on belief that this outcome will be God’s handiwork.  I’ll only take steps when He opens the door shedding new light.  Until then, if there is sin in the camp, He will certainly identify it.  My assignment?  “Be still and know that I AM GOD” Psalms 46:10

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