The Journey Continues: Aug. 30, 2017

“…Take all thoughts captive….” II Corinthians 10:5.  This excerpt from the verse in II Corinthians is a big lesson for me.  When I wrote yesterday’s blog you could probably read my frustrations regarding several things I’m working on.  As the day continued I was able to take several steps with each of them.  However, along with the steps being taken, I was deeply troubled questioning my part in all of them.  Things like:  did I hear God wrong?, did I offend someone along the way and they’re pulling away without saying anything more?, etc.

Last night was our 7-Pillars class for the men.  The major focus of the lesson was about hearing God’s voice in the present moment and corralling the voices that would lead one into acting on temptations.  The message was that our mind is a battlefield where Satan does most of his devious work.  I am easily able to hear God’s voice in the morning devotional times.  When I am into my day I tend to not trust the impulsive thoughts that come into my mind.  They might be simply emotional responses that would lead to the outbursts my father always had.  I tend to save these thoughts to reflect on later when I can sort them out.  Hearing God’s still small voice during the day and trusting it is something I am going to challenge myself to work on.  Hearing the truth once again last night that my mind is the battlefield reminded me that I must do just as the verse above says–take all thoughts captive.  I learned from my mom when I was a boy that God’s voice gives light and focus.  Satan’s voice gives confusion, deception, and discouragement. Having had the reality of this hit in the past couple days where God’s Kingdom Work is at hand, I don’t want to be responding to the wrong messenger.

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