The Journey Continues: Sept. 21, 2017

Last night was our kick-off for Celebrate Recovery’s new year.  We have finished 9 and beginning the 10th.  It was a wonderful evening of honesty.  Eight people talked about each of the 8 Principles and told why it was meaningful to them and their own personal recovery.  One of the things I loved about it was my own wife stood before the group and gave her 4 minute testimony.  She has never stood before our group to do this in our first 9 years.

I have spent the past two days in training for stepping back into the educational consulting work I do.  In it I learned the adjustments in federal and state requirements meeting educational laws of the land.  These always adjust somewhat with each new administration.  I found myself getting more and more disturbed as the day went on (yesterday).  Some of these changes are only due to the administration change.  They won’t change anything relevant to kids learning and what teacher’s need to do to instruct well.  All of a sudden I was wondering why I was back here?

This morning as I had stepped into the journaling part of my devotional time I was writing out my frustrations to God.  I was telling Him how I had gone into education 45 years ago and wanted my years to be worthwhile for Him and for educational work.  However, all these years later, I find the system repeating the cycles it had been doing 45 years ago.  Yes, we know more about what to do with kids and their learning but getting a system that better ensures this is done well for all kids is about where it was many years back.  So, when I was done writing this out God reminded me of Principle One from last night:  “Know I’m not God….”  God was reminding me I wasn’t in education to change it from the top down.  I was in it to make a difference for each one I was directly in contact with.  Even though my thinking might be somewhat good, I am not God.  I am man/flesh.  My thinking goes right up against that of other men.  If God is not at the helm the thinking stops with man.  God was asking me to take His Spirit into the work I do.  If man sees His Spirit in me, His seeds are planted.  I can only do this if I allow God’s Spirit to dominate my steps each day.  Well, this is exactly what I have wanted to do all along.  Let God be God and let me be a good representative of God’s Spirit at work.

OK, I’m better set now.  To God be all Glory!


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