The Journey Continues: October 24, 2017

Have you ever had a day when everything got done but the means of it getting done were nothing like the way you had planned?  Well, yesterday was pretty much that way.  After taking Kathy to the airport I came home and had my devotions and wrote the blog entry.  God had specifically told me He wanted me to be a good steward of His attitude as I went about completing my work of the day.  This started with my youngest daughter.  Our meeting began as a typical Earnie and Angie conversation.  In the midst of our battling I was reminded of God’s message to reflect His attitude.  I attempted to do this and the atmosphere suddenly changed to understanding and acceptance.  We made a good agreement and went forward.  When I got home from her place I called my daughter in Oklahoma.  It was amazing to hear that God is working on her in the same way He is working on me.  Doing God’s work and representing His Ways as we do it are certainly no minor endeavor.  My attitude and emotions get in the way all the time.  I know now better than ever how much work (surrender) I need to do in this arena.

It was fun to begin the work with the new school yesterday.  The principal is one whom I hired 30 years ago right out of college to be a 4th grade teacher at my school.  Now she has completed her doctorate and is a principal herself.  Having not done this type of consulting for a few years I found myself needing to reawaken some strategies I hadn’t used for a while.  It also awakened a demon of laziness I’ve always fought–detail.  I truly enjoy building a big picture for the work but putting it into day to day tasks I like to leave for the others.  However, in this work I need to step into it just as I had done living this work out myself day to day.  So, as I was talking to God about it this morning I felt His nudge to “do the work like Him not like me, just as He’d told me yesterday.  Today I meet the 2nd principal and her school.  I don’t know her at all.  I’ll try and be more reflective of my BOSS as I do this.

God is such an amazing God.  I say this often and I truly mean it.  To God be all Glory–great things He has done and great things He wants to do with us if we only Trust and OBEY.

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