The Journey Continues: Oct. 29, 2017

Well, we made it.  Kathy and I are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We are not relishing in the way we got here, but we are so glad to be on ground and in our place we booked so many months ago.  As we were to leave Boise yesterday morning, one of the plane engines wouldn’t start so the pilot taxied the plane back for maintenance to take a look.  I still don’t know what was wrong but finally, 5 hours later, we were rerouted to fly here through Chicago rather than Houston.  This got us to Charleston, SC at 10:00 pm rather than 4:30 pm.  Thus, all I can tell you is that our place is lovely, there is a beautiful pond and fountain out our view and someplace, there is a Walmart within 5 minutes.  We arrived shortly after midnight to our accommodations so we had no means of seeing anything.  When I registered they wanted to know the color of the car and the license plate #.  I didn’t know any of this.  Turned out the car plates are Mississippi and I still don’t know the color.  It does drive well so that is good!

This morning’s devotions was in Malachi–the last book of The Old Testament.  I found myself being challenged to visit a dark place in my memories.  They were the beatings of childhood from dad.  Malachi was telling the Israelites they needed to obey God and that their punishment was a result of their sins.  Joyce Meyer was saying in one of her responses that we sometimes need to forgive God even though we know He is a Perfect God.  If we are harboring resentment/bitterness from childhood, we need to let it go.  God understands.  I thought I’d done all of this but dad’s beatings came immediately to mind.  As I took these memories to my journaling I found myself needing to tell God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit that the actual beatings I had as a child were not from my sins of disobedience, they were from dad’s pride and anger.  I have no memory of a beating from disobedience.  I said I forgave them for not stepping in even though I know this is part of God’s commitment to man–choice.

The results of this were nothing less than pure mercy and grace and felt like pure kindness.  I sensed The Holy Spirit telling me, “See son, I’ve been with you all along.  Now you know I’m with you and we can be a powerful team.  You don’t need to question your value to US–God, Jesus and Me.  We have cleansed you, redeemed you and made you whole.  I wept.  Isn’t God amazing!  I love Him so.


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