The Journey Continues: Dec. 24, 2017

Yesterday afternoon I had finished the gift wrapping and took care of a good deal of clean up following Kathy’s sorting of what to keep and what do discard.  I settled into my recliner and finished a book I had struggled for days to read.  I knew it was good–Kathy had told me I needed to read it.  As I would sit to read it I found myself putting it down repeatedly with a subtle desire to leave it.  Yesterday I steeled myself knowing I needed to get it done and find out why I should read it and why I kept trying not too.

It finally hit me as I was approaching the end–VOICES.  The book had several characters being developed.  Each of them would eventually be connected as the plot culminated.  What each character had struggling within was voices.  It was so subtly woven into the writing I hadn’t picked up on it until last night.  These evil, ugly voices of worth/value, conceit, judgment and much more have been the ones I’ve battled all my life.  That was the very reason I had to so often put the book down while reading it.  I couldn’t stand the fact I related to all of them so well.  Kathy knew this from having read the book.  She didn’t say I’d enjoy it–she said, “I needed to read it.”  I had to weep as I finished it.  It just hit so hard.

This morning as I had begun my journaling I wrote that today is the eve of our celebration–Christ coming to redeem man.  Later in the journaling I asked God why that dang book was so important?  He immediately pointed out the second half of Christ’s coming for us (me).  In John 14:15-17 Christ is telling us that He will ask the Father and He will give us an advocate to help us….  This advocate is The Holy Spirit.  Do you know how we know The Holy Spirit?  It is by the gentle voice within us.  He is the voice of promise, the voice of hope, the voice of direction, the voice of light.

If you are at all like me you have battled voices all your life and likely your childhood brought about hearing voices which now weigh heavily within us.  As I stated in yesterday’s blog post, many of mine are dying.  This is the promise of healing Christ is giving to me and to each of us who come to Him.  What is a greater gift is the Voice which replaces those of lies.  This is the Voice of The Holy Spirit–The Voice of Truth.  This Christmas I am thanking God more than anything else for this GIFT–The Holy Spirit.  He is giving me a voice of hope, promise, direction and light.  I give Him much thanks for this!

If you struggle with these voices of evil–of lies, stop long enough to read John 14:15-17 and let the first voice of truth speak to you.  He so wants to be your dominant VOICE.

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