The Journey Continues: Jan. 6, 2018

Yesterday was an eventful day and not in a way I’d want to repeat.  It started early with me going to the dentist for an annual check up and then onto the car dealership to have the old changed in Kathy’s car.  While there I was waiting for the car to get finished I got a call from Kathy that our youngest daughter was in a wreck very close to where I was.  I walked outside instantly to see if I could spot it and couldn’t.  My car wasn’t ready so they gave me a ride to the accident location.  I spent the next 3-4 hours with my daughter while the police investigated it, helped her call her insurance co and get directions for steps to take.  The car was eventually taken by a tow truck.  We then walked back to the dealership and got my car.  I took Angie to the wrecking yard so we could get all her things out of the vehicle.  My last item was to take her to the car rental to get a vehicle until the insurance company decided if they were totaling her car.  We got her replacement and I was then planning to leave.  My siblings and spouses were having our get together that afternoon and I was headed to it.  Angie said she was going to the hospital to get checked out as the police and her insurance had asked her to do this.

When I got to my brother’s place Kathy was just leaving.  Angie had gone to work instead of the hospital.  She was confused and bewildered.  Kathy went straight there and took her to the hospital.  She has a concussion and quite a bit of bruising.  I felt terrible leaving her in that state.  I hadn’t recognized any signs of a concussion.  I’d watched her be totally with it during the wreck and all the police info as well as talking with the insurance co and then the rental car place.  Yet as soon as I’d left she did just the opposite of what she was to do.  I left my brother’s and went back to be with the kids until they were to go to their dad’s for the weekend.  She will be ok but needs to rest during the time she has in the weekend.

As I was wrestling with God this morning about all of this He reminded me that I was to do my part and let Him do His.  I also needed to let Kathy do her part as she has a different sense of help than I do.  My help is way more in the arena of action where Kathy is far more sensitive to the emotional need.  God is not absent in all of this but He does like us to point people to Him when He nudges us to do so.  He doesn’t create the chaos in this human world we live in.  We do this quite well ourselves.  However, He is miraculous at using all of this chaos to help us see our need for Him.  I’m very grateful for this!

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