The Journey Continues: Jan. 8, 2018

Yesterday I wrote about the lack of accomplishment I had during the Christmas break.  There were two full weeks that got little done pertaining to ministry or work.  The past week I had used time for work prepping a school district I’ll be working with starting tomorrow for 3 days.  But that didn’t accomplishment anything for the recovery ministry work needing organized for proper implementation this year of 2018.  God pointed me into the right vein of thinking however as I did the post yesterday.

As I got to church there was the pastor who had been sick all week.  I was able to talk with him and we are meeting today when I’m done with the school I head to in an hour.  After step study was done I was able to talk with the other gentleman about the accountability I wanted to strengthen in this coming year.  God just took care of my silly concerns in one morning.  He had reminded me that all of this is about His timing and not mine.  I get anxious instead of believing.

This morning’s devotion had me reading the last two chapters of  Romans.  In chapter 15 verse 13 it says:  “May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing with hope.”  For two weeks my responsibilities in life had shifted to family.  My time was to be spent strengthening these connections.  This past week the family had gone home so I wanted to get right back into the “work” and God’s timing wasn’t with me.  This quickly led me to thinking I’m incapable, the wrong choice and of course the voices of evil were leaving their destructive messages.  Then I get this message from God this morning about believing and hope.

I really do trust God and believe fully in Him.  I believe in The Holy Spirit.  I find that I do this best right now in the start of my day.  God is asking me to be more awake to Him throughout my day and watch how He is at work in the day.  I’m going to be doing this while I’m in the school and also in my meeting for the recovery ministries.  God is amazing all the time, not just early in the morning.  I want to awaken more to the rest of the day watching how He is working instead of thinking how I’m suppose to be working.  Thank you Father for continued clarity.

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