The Journey Continues: Jan. 28, 2018

Today as my devotional time began I read that we are to pray in the Holy Spirit.  Note the word–in.  We pray to God and to Jesus but we are to pray in The Holy Spirit.  I’m sure I’ve read this before but it hadn’t hit until this morning.  As I’ve been halted on my journey so I can get to know The Holy Spirit I’m catching some important details about our relationship.  In order for me to pray in the Holy Spirit He has to be within me.  Also, to pray in Him, I need to be fully surrendered to Him obeying all He asks.  I know I’ve done this somewhat, but this morning I prayed for my grandkids, my kids and their spouse or companions.  I prayed for the presentation being made to the congregation about the new ministries for recovery I’m announcing.  The Holy Spirit will have me say what He wants said, I know.  He has also given me an abundant assurance that He has been working with some in our congregation that He wants joining this leadership training.  He will confirm for them that this is His and their time to step into a new area of serving.  They may not know it yet, but this serving is also healing.  When we take the steps of obedience The Holy Spirit nudges us to take our faith and trust grow.

Yesterday I was very concerned about this morning’s assignment.  Today, however, knowing The Holy Spirit in me will do the work, I am a humble servant gladly delivering a message of encouragement and next steps for some spiritually, very hungry people.  God is so amazing!

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