The Journey Continues: Feb. 4, 2018

I have read the New Testament through so many times in my life that I’m not even sure–as though it matters.  When I was younger I did keep track thinking somehow I would have learned enough about God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit to warrant my redemption and living in heaven for eternity.  I didn’t really mean to be doing this to look like the Pharisees in the Old Testament, but that is exactly what I was doing.  Now that I am learning to depend on Spirit living I am seeing just how much of my life was lived by rules rather than by surrender and faith.

When this weekend started I had three things troubling me.  They were all connected to family members.  Yesterday morning I felt nudged to address the one and it is now resolved–not in a flesh way, but with God’s insights and everyone feeling God’s freedom.  This morning in my devotional time I was shown that today is the day to address another one of them.  I will do this at the right time today.  The third one will be done when the nudge and clarity comes.  As I was journaling about these three this morning God was bringing some insights forth.  First, I have always thought timing was measured by our earthly time.  God’s timing is always when circumstances are right with those involved.  These two would often clash when I used earthly time to determine readiness.  I didn’t give credible attention to the fact that earthly time is also in God’s Hands.  When circumstances are right, God ensures timing is also right.  This is a huge step in faith living for me.

The other thing God brought clarity to this morning was when I wrote in my journal,
“I surrender so You can take charge.”  As soon as I had that written I felt nudged to correct my thinking for God doesn’t remove our ability to have choice.  I then rewrote the sentence to read: “When I am fully surrendered to You, You have fullness of opportunity to complete Your purposes and ways using me.  This is what I want and choose.”  Spirit living is a big step into FAITH.  I want to stay here the rest of my earthly life.  Join me if you are sensing the same nudge.

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