The Journey Continues: Feb. 6, 2018

There is an aspect of The Holy Spirit I’m beginning to awaken to which is coming out of reading Galatians.  I’m wondering if the pastors I’ve had over the years were reading what I’m going to write, would question if I ever paid attention to any of their sermons.  I’ve known for years that Corinthians contains the Love chapter:  I Corinthians 13.  I always felt like that is what I’m to read when I need to be nicer to people and particularly to Kathy and my kids, grandkids.  Yes, it applies to friends too but being nice to most of them isn’t much of a struggle.  I do not mean to be trite as I write any of this.

Today in finishing up the book of Galatians, which is all about living the spirit-filled life, (the fruit of the Spirit) that I connect these two writings of Paul.  Paul is writing to the Corinthians telling them to live out of love with everyone around them.  Now Paul is telling the Galatians that in order to live life lovingly, we must do so with God’s Holy Spirit leading from within us.  Our flesh will turn every good intent back to us if we attempt to live life lovingly by flesh.  Now that I’m awakening so much more to The Holy Spirit’s presence within me, I can see the way I live by flesh and need to replace my actions with ones tempered by The Holy Spirit’s nudges.  Let me give an example.  Yesterday while I was with my daughter looking at a couple vehicles, all was ending well and Angie was going to do some checking on some items needing investigated from her insurance co., etc.  We were going to pick back up today when she and I are done with our work.  Later in the day she had been gone back to the dealership and had become greatly distressed.  Instead of addressing her distress in my flesh as I would typically do, I felt nudged to simply ask her to let this go for now.  We would tackle it when we weren’t wanting to attack someone.  The Holy Spirit had other work to do right now and our work wasn’t aligning with The Spirit’s work.  I also reminded her that when God shows us the right vehicle she will know the confirmation.

God is wanting me to learn to live by His Holy Spirit’s leading in my life and I am wanting to do so too.

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