The Journey Continues: Feb. 16, 2018

Yesterday Kathy and I went to the movies with Bonnie and Alice.  We saw The Greatest Showman.  What a spectacular one it is.  There was a line in it that hit me right between the eyes.  It was that the main character was never going to be satisfied because the emptiness within him was never going to be filled by worldly success.  When I heard this I knew God was talking to me.  I’ve fought to be worthy in the world’s eyes my whole life never thinking I’d achieve it.  Even if I were complimented for something done well I’d discredit it.  I know God has been dealing with me regarding this lie.  He wants me to know He makes no mistakes with His work.  I know this and believe this too.  I still have this voice not far away in my mind that thinks feeling good about something done well is called arrogance or conceit.  But, God is wanting this to be replaced with the knowledge that He is saying:  “Well done My child.”    I’m going to work on this with Him or let Him work on me with this.

This morning my sis Bonnie and I have had a chance to talk and truly talk meaningfully.  I love this and treasure it.  She is God’s gift to me as a sister!

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