The Journey Continues: Feb. 19, 2018

Yesterday was a day carved and created by God Himself.  I didn’t get a post done just because there were too many interruptions to the morning and then we were off to my nephew’s church which is about 45 minutes away.  It is a small, very loving and caring group of people.  We were all so glad we went.   In the middle of the afternoon we went to my aunt’s home to have the rest of the day with her and my cousins that live close.  I knew my one cousin is a counselor but what I didn’t know is that she heads the recovery ministry at their church here in Escondido.  It is a mega church of about 5,000 people.  She counsels through the church and has headed this work for the past 12 years.  My word, that was about all we talked about for 6 hours.  It is also the church I think my sis Bonnie will be attending.  We wanted to find a church that would be a good home for her and knowing our Aunt and family attend this one, it fits perfectly.

At a little after 6:00 am this morning I had a text message from home saying my dear pastor friend, Jim McMillan, passed away during the night last night.  He has been failing rapidly, but I felt like I’d been hit in my gut with the news.  If there were a man I’d loved to have had as a dad, it was this one.  His wife Lois is my prayer warrior for our ministry work.  She said his service will likely be this coming Friday and she wants our quartet to sing for the service along with one other group Jim loved.  I know this will be a celebration service, but I also know there were hundreds and thousands of people who will miss this man dearly.  He has been God’s instrument in so many ways helping people through their tough spots in life.  I’m sure God has a special place already prepared for him.

Someday this earthly journey will end, but until it does, I pray I can be an instrument of peace for God as Pastor Jim has been for me and countless others.

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