The Journey Continues: Mar. 4, 2018

As I started to read the book of Titus this morning the first thing that hit me is the word Grace, Titus 1:4.  It said we don’t have peace if we don’t accept God’s Grace.  I thought I needed to investigate this 5 letter word a little more.  The dictionary definition is something like walking with fluidity and poise.  I thought to myself, wow, look what man does to a Godly term–reduces it to how my walk looks to man.  The biblical definition said that Grace is the very essence of God’s nature.  It is all-consuming and yet it is also very finite in that each of God’s natures is also acted out in Grace.  Awakening to this fullness caused me to realize the anxiety I so often feel is an absence of me dwelling on God’s Grace so that I can know His Peace within me.  The word Trust comes to mind in this.  I am to trust God’s leadership in my life and in the world around me.  If I do this I will have Peace because I know God does all things through Grace since it is His very nature.

This walk through Grace this morning also gave me insight regarding what I use to think about my importance to God.  The fact that God never breaks His promises to man is evident in the fact that giving man choice can be and is extremely hurtful when man uses choice to abuse.  This left me thinking I’m not important.  However, God provided Hope for me during this time just as I wrote about a few days ago.  Hope was His Grace being shown when I was so vulnerable to man’s choices.  Now that those days are long behind me I can Trust God’s Grace to be more than a way of escape.  I don’t need to live in the lies of my past nor in the lies of deception Satan wants to throw in my mind or path.

God is truly a faithful, full of Grace, Father.  If we will listen and continue to obey Him as He nudges, His Light will continue to penetrate darkness we didn’t even know existed within us and around us.  I think this is more about living as a new creation knowing the old self is dead.  God is growing us into the likeness of His Son just as He promised.  It is humbling to write this but I’m learning this is true for each of us which includes me.  Praise God.

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