The Journey Continues: Mar. 6, 2018

Today is the second Tuesday of our 6 devoted to training the ones God is nudging to consider leadership in the sexual brokenness ministries.  I didn’t get all tangled in the sheet and blankets last night as I did a week ago last night.  But I had a repeated, haunting dream that didn’t stop until I finally got up.  In the dream were people I know who were lost in the anguish of their loved ones who had either died or were deathly ill.  My role in the dream was just one of providing comfort to those mourning.  I asked God this morning to help me know the significance of this.  He only response was to pay attention to the details in the dream.  The details I could vividly recall were the people, the reasons the ones were ill or for their death and the amount of loss and helplessness people were experiencing.  I don’t want to get lost in this analysis but I do want to stay focused on the fact that this ministry is all about hurt, loss, fear, bondage, helplessness and more.  God wants me awake to these details and that my role is not to take charge but to keep focused on the One and Only One Who Heals the broken-hearted.

Yesterday I wrote more about God’s Grace/Peace and its impact on how we live.  As I began to accept God’s Grace as being in control of all and being present in all things, I began to address all that I had on my mental list for the day.  By early afternoon almost all of them were addressed and done.  No conflict, only clarity and focus.  I had been trying to find peace in them and it was there waiting for me.  I just needed to complete my tasks.  Several of the things still have action that needs to be taken, but there is now an agreed plan for taking them.  I’ve known this but it seems in the midst of a struggle it is hard to recall what we have known in our head and put it to work in our daily living.  Satan’s deception can rule so easily if we don’t recognize it.

God’s Grace is called unmerited favor.  I love this.  It reminds me to not even go into trying to earn it.  It is a gift by the very fact it is God’s very essence/His nature.  Peace is the natural consequence of me allowing God’s leadership and my obedience to it at the time He nudges.  Yesterday was a big day reflecting this truth.  I want to learn to live this way 24/7.  This journey is far from done.

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