The Journey Continues: April 6, 2018

Today is the day to wrap up a lot of details.  Tomorrow  we fly out to Oklahoma City.  Our daughter there is being ordained as a pastor in their denomination.  She has been a children’s pastor for the past several years at their church.  She has felt if this is the case she should complete her degree for being a pastor.  She has a teaching degree already but God placed this on her heart and she has finished.  It will be touching to attend this with her and her family.

With all the things I want to get finished today I was taken back when I asked God what He wanted me to know for today?  He simply said, “to be”.  I have always been driven to do.  In the strength finders material, responsibility is the top of my list of strengths.  I see this and think that this strength is all about doing and doing well.  Yet, I write this and realize to do one must be.  I do believe the two go hand in hand but the be is ahead of the do.  Today I will do my best to stay in touch with the be side of this.  God is wanting me to know something I need to pay attention to.

Tomorrow morning we leave at 6:00 am for the airport so I may not get a blog written.  I’ll see what happens early in the morning–already I’m thinking about doing–yikes.  I’m going back to be and try to stay there.  I think some of this is about obeying God’s nudges when they happen rather than my nudges.  God is so good and I want to be with Him in His Kingdom Work only doing what He nudges me to do.  To God BE all Glory!

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