The Journey Continues: April 9, 2018

God is really pressing in on me to be rather than to do.  Even the Sunday School class my son-in-law teaches had an emphasis on this yesterday morning.  It was one of the first things God nudged me to ponder as I sat in the class.  There are things I can do while I’m here but God keeps impressing me with the fact I am to be.  I keep thinking I get this and then, just like this morning, I journal asking what God wants me to do with Him today?  His immediate response was to “be”.  This told me I hadn’t journeyed very far down the path of this learning as of yet.

I’m not sure I’ve ever listened well to God about being.  I’ve always listened to know what to do for Him.  This new insight is going to take some time.  The scripture is filled with this throughout the Bible.  Abram couldn’t be Abraham until he was patient waiting on God.  Sarai couldn’t be Sarah until she too could wait upon God and be the princess her new name meant.  This was all brought out in this morning’s scripture reading.  I don’t know how this applies to me but I do know God is wanting me to learn to be by waiting on Him.  In my mind I ponder how I do in order to be?  Well, today will be my real step into finding out.

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