The Journey Continues: April 14, 2018

To blog honestly and openly here I need to address something that is on my heart.  In coming to be with my daughter for her ordination, my ex-wife and her ex-husband are also all coming.  Her ex-husband is already here.  She comes tonight.  We are all staying at my daughter’s home.  Yes, it is awkward but I know if I were my daughter with the same circumstances, I’d want it this way too.  I also know God is wanting this to take place also.  I’ve wondered if there were things I need to bring out from days gone by to be sure there are no walls still there from our past?  However, nothing comes to mind.  It seems God is simply wanting this to happen.  Tonight it will begin.  This  weekend event is for my daughter so that is the number one focus.  I don’t want it to be make into anything other than that. So, I simply go into these few days openly knowing if God wants something done, He will nudge at the moment.  I will be present and see what develops.

This morning I am meeting with the husband of the friend of my daughter I met with earlier this week.  He is a very quiet man.  I’ve pondered what I should say to get an open conversation started.  However God is checking all my thoughts.  I know that silence in conversation is important when thoughts are needing to be put into spoken words.  So, I will wait when this is needed.  I just know I’m to be present.

I’m so glad I’ve had the earlier experience this week of finding out I’m ok with myself.  With the weekend bringing forth what it is, I’d easily go into a state of physically being present, but emotionally being walled off.  This is not the case.  God is so good.  Now to step into it and watch Him work.

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