The Journey Continues: May 5, 2018

The blog was brief yesterday but the day wasn’t.  As I left to go help my grandson I called him and reminded him his dad lives just a short distance from his location on the freeway.  This hadn’t crossed his mind so he called and they were able to take care of it .  It was also good for them to have this time together.  God is good this way.

After I’d finished the work with the school district at noon yesterday I came home to work in the garden and mow the lawn.  I was almost done with the lawn when my cell rang.  It was my younger brother calling to tell me our older brother who lives here in the same area had come by for a short visit that morning.  My younger brother’s birthday is tomorrow so this brother and his wife had brought his card.  After they left my brother was talking to his wife to find out my older brother and wife are coming to church on Sunday.  My older brother hadn’t mentioned this to my younger one, but the wives had talked about it. (This sounds pretty typical, doesn’t it.)  My younger brother got choked up telling me all of this.  We have prayed for this older brother for years.  He, as well as all my siblings, have struggled with their relationship with God due to our upbringing.  However, God is faithful.  I knew something was stirring in this brother by his behaviors the last time we had our family get together.  God is so faithful and this is confirmed yet again.  How I love Him for this.

Today my younger brother is coming over so we can go finish the basketball standard for one of my grandsons.  We will have all kinds of happiness when this is done!  God is so good.

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