The Journey Continues: May 11, 2018

Somehow in the messiness of life, there come moments of calm.  That is what I most often find when I come to God each morning.  I bring to him all the messiness of the day before, my thoughts about it, my inability to know what to do and He gives me a calm.  This is how I felt this morning after yesterday’s conference.  There were 40+ churches represented there in our valley.  What I wasn’t expecting was the true focus of the conference.  I had been asked to attend by the pastor in our church who oversees all of the recovery ministries.  Being a layman I had my own thoughts regarding what I’d get from attending.  Of course my thoughts were selfish–there it is again.

The entire day was spent focusing attendees from each church around the idea that in order for anyone from the LBGT world to feel welcome in a church, the church needs to have a welcoming, safe sense about them.  People know upon arrival if the likelihood of acceptance is present.  There were 6 people from our church present so it became a time of genuine awakening for all of us.  I was so glad we had 3 attending from our youth program.  I had gone yesterday to glean skills for the work we will be doing this fall.  However, I walked away realizing there is an entire structure of awakening and acceptance that needs to be created in order for our work this coming fall to thrive.

This morning God reminded me I am on assignment but I am certainly not alone in it.  He will guide what He wants done and He has created the platform for which we can now do more work in advance to create the environment of GRACE His Son Jesus offered to all mankind with His work on the Cross.   Our church can be a beacon of God’s Light to a group of people so often chastised by the Christian church.  I’m so glad God has included me in this.

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