The Journey Continues: June 19, 2018

I’m unsure how to start today’s entry.  Last night it seemed all the pieces needing to be put together to have a healthy family were blown asunder.  Emotions took control of the conversation leaving much damage.  This morning I’ve had time to reflect and sort through the pieces I see.  I’ve talked to God and I’ve felt Him talking to me.  There is repair that can take place.  God’s timing is always critical here.

Today my brothers and spouses are getting together with my widowed brother who lives about 100 miles away.  Kathy and I are driving the 6 of us there since our rig will hold 6 adults.  The nice part in this is that my brother who is hosting this will have his daughter and family come.  We haven’t seen them for 10+ years.  Their own relationship had been strained for a number of years and those walls are now coming down.  We will rejoice with them today as we all get together.

Emotions play such a huge part in our lives.  Most of my adult years I had mine so walled off I didn’t realize how much emotion stirs in me.  With all the turmoil within my own family I was talking to God about the breadth and depth of emotions.  He reminded me that He is the home to all emotion.  Within Him these emotions balance one another.  In man, there is an imbalance of emotion.  That is why healthy relationships are so important.  We help one another balance our decision making, emotional influences, reactions, etc.  I’ll be very grateful when this balance returns to my family.  We can use this present strife to grow better communication strengthening the balance within our family.  I trust God that He will lead us to this end.

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