The Journey Continues: June 21, 2018

Welcome to Summer!  It is a gloriously beautiful day.  Outside my den window the flowers are striking and on one of them this yellow, black, orange bird was perched and eating.  What a nice start to the day!

Today God is teaching me something I was not expecting.  My devotional reading was about unconfessed sin that is standing in the way of God completing the work for which He wants us to be part.  I read that but nothing was hitting me specifically until….  Then, I began my scripture reading.  I’m now into II Kings.  Elijah has ascended into heaven and Elisha has received the double portion of Elijah’s spirit.  In all of this I was simply enjoying the reading of it.  Joyce Meyer writes an insert about God showing her about pride and how it was stifling her ministry when she was in her earlier years.  If she was going to do all God wanted she would need to surrender all her pride in order to accept all of God’s Holy Spirit He wanted working within her.

As I began to reflect on the past week I could so easily see how my pride got into the way of my talk with my daughter.  It almost built a wall between us.  God began to point out how I haven’t felt worthy of Christ’s complete cleansing of sin, both my own sins and those done to me.  I saw how this lack of belief on my part is a deceptive piece of my pride–man’s pride.  God never tells us to only receive as much of Christ’s gift as we think we deserve.  This is what Satan plants in our mind and I have always bit hard on this lie.

This morning I confessed that I have struggled with this lie.  I have let pride stand in my way all my life both in doing God’s work and accepting God’s gift/s.  I surrendered it and asked God to relentlessly stay working on me until He is in full control of all I am and all He wants me to be.  We cannot do all God has in mind and we can’t receive all He wants to give if we are the ones sorting it out instead of the ones surrendering to His direction within.  I want the Holy Spirit to have full control of me.  (It starts with making raspberry jam this morning.  I picked 3 gallons of berries yesterday).

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